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Are you affiliated with the Shaolin temple in China?

The curriculum we teach originally comes from seven sacred mountain temples in China where martial arts were practiced. Our Great Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin was the grandmaster of the Southern Shaolin Temple at Fukien at the time of its destruction. The present-day Shaolin Temple was established by the People’s Republic in 1980 after the success of the Jet Li movie Shaolin Temple. The wushu that they practice is different from the traditional forms of Shaolin-Do, and the modern temple is essentially a theme park for tourists. More info: New York Times, Feb 10, 2005 article on the Shaolin TempleHere is a partial list of the forms in our system and the temples they came from:

  • Honan: (The original Shao-Lin Temple): Northern Fist, Monkey, Praying Mantis, Drunken Immortals, Golden Snake, Spear, Staff, Broadsword, Three Sectional Staff, Chain Whip, Daggers, Hand Axes, Butterfly Knives..
  • Fukien Temple: Southern Fist, Golden Centipede, Sparrow, White Monkey, Wild Horse, Iron Bone, Iron Palm, Iron Shirt, Short Fist (Tuan Ch’uan)
  • Shantung Temple: Shantung Black Tiger, Tan Family Leg Techniques
  • Omei Shan Temple: White Crane, Eagle Claw, Golden Chicken, White Swan, Ostrich
  • Kwangtung Temple: Tiger-Crane System, Fist of Ch’a, Golden Roaches, 10,000 bees attacking
  • Wutang Mountain Temple: T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Pa Kua Chang, Hsing I Ch’uan, Liu Hsing Ch’uan, T’ai Chi Broadsword, Straightsword and Spear, Ta Mo Sword and Double Sword, Green Dragon Sword and Spear, Seven Star Sword
  • Hua Mountain Temple: Classical Fist of Hua, “Modern” Fist of Hua, Chang Ch’uan 

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