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Do all students of Shaolin, worldwide, consider Grandmaster Sin their master?

Definitely not! First, you should realize that many schools using the word Shaolin, bear no direct relationship to the actual Shaolin temples in China. Often the name Shaolin is added to any Chinese art in order to borrow its incredible reputation. Now consider the history of the Shaolin art, which was created at least 1500 years ago. People left the temple constantly during its history. Every person that left the temple claimed to teach the art of Shaolin. However, a person that left the temple in 700 AD would not recognize the art as it was being taught in 1800 AD (1100 years later) Compare what is taught in a science department at any university now to what was taught just 100 years ago. So not only would the 700 AD person teach a different art to their lineage, but would never know of any of the masters that followed, back in the temple. Therefore, students following other masters, in other Shaolin schools, have no reason to have a knowledge of Grandmaster Sin. Shaolin-Do students are indeed fortunate to have a lineage that was at the temple right up to its destruction, so we now have the final version of the Shaolin teachings. When you hear the name Shaolin-Do, you now know that it refers directly to the art that descends from Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin, of the Southern Shaolin Temple in Fukien. From him it passed to Grandmaster Ie-Chang Ming, and now resides with our current Grandmaster, Sin Kwang The