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What makes Shaolin-Do different from other martial arts available in Pensacola?

Shaolin-Do Kung Fu is a traditional martial art which started its long history of development during the sixth century AD. In the Northern China province of Honan, Ch’an Buddhist monks began practicing kung fu as a way of self-defense and of disciplining both mind and body. (more details)

While the fighting skills of the Shaolin monks were legendary, their underlying philosophy was always focused on the avoidance of conflict by approaching potentially dangerous situations from a position of discipline, strength, and skill. Combat techniques and knowledge honed over centuries of practice and application have resulted in a martial arts system that is unparalleled for both its effectiveness in combat and as a way of mental and physical development.

Shaolin-Do is committed to being the best martial arts school in Pensacola. We are confident that the training you will receive at our school will far exceed in both depth and breadth anything you will find at another school in Pensacola, or anywhere in the world, for that matter. For example, in addition to the many regular kung fu & tai chi classes, we offer special classes every week devoted to physical conditioning, meditation, push hands, and sparring. Whatever your level of dedication to self-transformation, we will be there to support and encourage you along the way.