Head Instructor – Master Warren Yetman


Master Warren has been training in Shaolin-Do for over 20 years. He has tested and achieved the level of 5th degree Associate Master in our external program (Kung Fu 5th Black Belt).  During his training, he has taken classes under several Shaolin Masters including Grandmaster Sin Kwang The and Elder Master Joe Schaefer.  He has taught classes to all ages and belt levels in the largest Shaolin-Do school in the world.

“…In joining Pensacola Kung Fu & Tai Chi and electing to study both Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi simultaneously under Master Warren, I have discovered a deeper understanding of martial arts overall….” — Dennis

Master Warren has a lifelong passion for martial arts and appreciates the impact it can have in the lives of those around him.  He is well-rounded as a person and considers himself a life-long student.

“…The decision to join any of Master Warren’s programs definitely changed my life. From self defense To sparring, but most importantly the mind, body, spirit connection…” — Ada


Master Warren with Grand Master Sin Kwan The and Elder Master Schaefer after testing into 5th degree Black Belt.


Master Warren instructing sparring class at the North Austin, TX school.

“…Master Warren has helped our son gain confidence as well as respect for others….He provides the necessary tools for success and encourages parents to help and work with their children to enrich their family lives.” — Keith


Master Warren’s Demonstration in Austin, TX


Master Warren teaching at the Pensacola State College Summer Kids Camp


Master Warren’s demonstration for the Pensacola State College Summer Kids’s Camp

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