The Shaolin Temples

The Shaolin Temples lie at the heart of Chinese martial arts. They functioned like universities for the martial arts, amassing, preserving and developing vast amounts of knowledge. Masters specialized in particular areas of training, and each temple was known for particular styles. Over the course of time, Shaolin came to house an untold amount of martial knowledge, but the temples were not famous solely for the amount of knowledge they had. The Shaolin monks endured rigorous training day and night, and to this day, are renown as some of the most skilled fighters to have ever lived.

 Shaolin-Do Today

The Shaolin system today is comprised of more than fifty styles and nine hundred forms. From this enormous body of material, today’s Shaolin-Do practitioners receive a broad-based martial arts education that covers the entire spectrum of martial arts philosophy and technique. The curriculum teaches sound fundamentals and provides each practitioner with the appropriate mental and physical challenge for their level of training.

For the serious student, Shaolin-Do becomes more than a sport, self-defense training, or healthy exercise. It is a way of life. The lessons learned and strengths gained through martial arts training transfer to all aspects of life, and the learning never stops. The Shaolin-Do masters (5th degree black and above) have been students for decades, and several of them have over 40 years experience and are still learning new material!

Belt requirements (long forms are in italics) Shaolin-Do Forms listed below are linked to pictures of one or several postures from that form. Shaolin-Do Forms for levels beyond 5th degree black belt are listed and via this page you can get a taste of many of the shaolin-do forms in your future! Get excited, not frightened, because with each step in your journey, you will be able to do more and more. With consistency, hard work and spirit you will be able to perform these Shaolin-Do forms.

White Belt
Tan family leg techniques 1-10
Sparring techniques 1-10
Chin Na (self-defense) 1-15
1 on 1 Sparring
Yellow Belt
Tan leg techniques 1-15
Chin Na 1-20
Si Men Tao Lian (four directions reversibly)
Fei Hu Ch’u Tong (flying tiger comes out of the cave)
Staff (kuan) swings 1-4
One-step fighting techniques 1-9
Blue Belt
Tan techniques 1-22
Sparring techniques 1-15
Street fighting one-steps 1-10
Tai Peng Sin Kun (giant bird spreads its wings)
Chu Chi Kuan Su (first level staff form)
liang-Chie-Kuan (two sticks connected) swings 1-8
Chin Na 1-25
2 on 1 sparring
Green Belt
Tan techniques 1-30
Sparring techniques 1-20
Chin Na 1-30
Bei Huang Chi Gai Pang (stick of the northern begger)
Luo Han Chuan (fist of luo han, also used in praying mantis fist)
Er-Chie-Kuan swings 1-16
Brown 3rd degree (at this level and above only long forms are taught)
White crane system forms
Shaolin Ie Lu Lian Chien Gun (1st road of shaolin connected sticks)
Bai He Chuan Tsu (white crane circles its wings)
Bai He Chan Tsu (jabs its wings)
Bai He Chuan Chiao (circles its legs)
San He Chuan (three method fist, also called iron man)
Ye Chan Pa Huang Tao (night battle 8 way broadsword)
Brown 2nd degree
Shaolin Bird system forms
Luo Tien (descend from heaven)
Chan Ie (spread the feathers)
Yin He (performing dove)
Tie Cha Chuan (sai weapon)
Se Pa Kuan (four-eight staff)
Brown 1st degree
Tiger system background forms
Ching Kang Fu Hu Chuan (golden mountain (hero) catches the tiger fist)
Lian Wu Chang (five directional palm)
Chie Chuan (connecting fist)
Hai Lung Chang (sea dragon cane)
Kwang Kung Tao (general kwan’s sword-halberd)

Black Belt 1st degree (17 forms available)
Internal Arts
Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (64)
Classical 8-section Pa Kua Chang

Open hand forms
Hei Hu Tao Shin (black tiger yanks the heart out)
Heu Hu Chuan Sen (black tiger turns the body)
Hei Hu Huan Sen (black tiger flips the body)
He Hu Shou Sang (black tiger wounded)
Foong Wang Han Chuei Chuan (mad insane drunkard’s fist)
Tang Lang Tsu Dju (praying mantis enters the door)

Weapon forms
Chiang Su Lian Se (spear fighting techniques form)
Luo Chia Chiang (Luo family spear)
Mei Hua Chiang (plum flower spear)
Yang Chia Chiang (Yang family spear)
Chuei Tao (drunken braodsword)
Yen Tse Tian Shia Tao (swallow swoops down from heaven dagger)
Cheui Kai Pang (drunken begger stick- “stick and bowl” form)
Se Mien Pa Huang Suang Tao Wu (four faces-eight directions double broadsword)
Tien Ta Suang Hu Tou Kuo (double tiger hook swords shake the heavens)
Black Belt 2nd – 3rd degree (3 years required to complete this level)
Hu He Shuang Shing (tiger-crane duet)
Shing Yi 5 roads
Shing Yi 5 roads linked form
Shing Yi 12 animal forms
Shing Yi 2 man set
Se Mien Ba Huang Jian (table top sword)
Chi Shing Jian (seven star sword
Zhuan Yang Jian (skewer the sun sword)
Zui Jian (Drunken sword)
Yang Jia Tai Chi Jian (Tai Chi sword)
Shaolin BaiYen Tang Lang Chuan (white monkey mantis fist)
Pai Hou Pai Fu (White monkey praises buddha)
Spear verses Broadsword 2-man set

Black Belt 3rd – 4th degree (4 years required to complete this level)
Ie Lu Hua Chien -1st Road of Hua Fist
Ar Lu Hua Chien -2nd Road of Hua Fist
San Lu Hua Chien -3rd Road of Hua Fist
Se Lu Hua Chien -4th Road of Hua Fist
Hua Chien Tue Ta Ti Ie Pu Hua Fist 2 Man Set#1
Hua Chien Tue Ta Ti Ar Pu Hua Fist 2 Man Set#2
Hua Chien -Modern Hua Fist
Chang Chien -Long Fist
Tai Tse Chien -Fist of the Grand Ultimate Mercy
Tang Lang Chien -Praying Mantis Fist
Pang Lung Pang -Entwine the Dragon
Ar Chi Tao Su -2nd Level Broadsword
Tie Pien Tsua Lung Wang Oo -Dance of the Dragon King (7 link whip)
Suang Tie Pa Chie Tao -Butterfly Knives
Yang Se Tai Chi Tao -Tai Chi Broadsword
Tai Chi Tao Tue Ta -Tai Chi Broadsword 2 man set
— Iron Bone Training
— Weight Vest Conditioning

Black Belt 4th – 5th degree (5 years required to complete this level)
Ti Ie Chien Li Tie Kuai ( Iron Crutch Li)
Ti Ar Chien Siang Chung Li (Stomping Drunken Fist)
Ti San Chien Chao Kou Chiu (Acrobatic Immortal)
Ti Se Chien Lan Chai He (Flexible Immortal)
Ti Pa Chien He Shiang Ku (Female Immortal)
Chung Kuo Lao
Han Shiang Tze
Chen Tai Chi Chuan -Chen Tai Chi New Generation 83 Posture
Pa Kua Pa Sing Chang -8 Animal Pa Kua Palm
Shaolin Wu Sing Chien -Shaolin 5 Animal Form
Zui Chiang -Drunken Spear of the Immortals
Chiu Chi Sen Pien -9 Link Supreme Whip
Suang Hu Chien -Twin Tiger Swords
Yin Yang Pi Sou Chien -Yin Yang Daggar (White Eyebrow system)
Li Kuei Suang -Li Kuei Double Hero Axes
San Chie Kuen -Three Section Staff
— May Flower Post Training


Other External Forms (taught between 1995 and the present)
Praying Mantis System
Hands Linkage
Stances Linkage
Kicking Linkage
Tan Tui (springy leg)
Cha Chuai Chuan -Penetrating Hammer Fist
Beng Bu Chuan- Stomping Crushing Fist
Bai Hou Chu Tung- White monkey comes out of the cave
Bai Hou Tou Tao – White monkey steals the peach
Tse Tsua Chuan- Pick and Play Fist
Mi Men Tan Lang Chuan – Secret Door mantis (two man set)
Long Fist short form
1st Road of Shaolin Ground Monkey
2nd Road of Shaolin Ground Monkey
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th roads of Ching pao (Golden leopard fist)
Shaolin Monkey Fist
Shaking Crane
Whooping Crane
Flying Crane
Beaking Crane
3 Battles Tiger
5 Element Tiger
4 Doors Tiger
36 Hand Tiger
Tiger Pa Kua
Chopping Kua Tiger
108 Movement Tiger
Tiger Two Man Set
Ban Lian Hua Kun (10,000 lotus blooming first road
2n road of Ban Lien Hua Kun (September 2013)
6th Drunken Immortal (Chang Kuo Lao)
7th Drunken Immortal (Han Shiao Chi)
8th Drunken Immortal (Lu Tung Ping)
Drunken Staff
Ground Dragon
1st Road of Dharmo Cane
2nd Road of Dharmo Cane
Double Dharmo Cane
1st Road of Shaolin Double Dagger
2nd Road of Shaolin Double Dagger
Green Dragon Broadsword
Chain Whip and Broadsword
1st road of Shaolin liang chia Kun (nunchaku)
2nd Road of Shaolin liang chia kun (nunchuku)
Shaolin Double Connected sticks
Double Iron Fan
Internal Forms
Pa Kua Spear (10 sections)
Dragon pa Kua
Dragon Pa Kua 2-man set
Pa Kua Wu Tze kun (sun moon fork) (8 sections)
Snake (Python) Pa Kua Chang from E-Mei (8 sections)
Pa Kua Tao (pa kua broadsword)
Hsing Ie Pang Lung Chien (Hsing Ie entwine the dragon sword)
Hsing Ie Liu he Kuen (Shing Ie 6-harmony Staff)
Yang metoer Fist (Hurling Rocks Form) Cannon Rock Fist, Cannon Rock Leg
Yin Meteor Fist (Dragon twirls the mei flower to become 1000 eagles) & (Dragon twirls the mei flower to become 1000 snakes). Eagle Fist 38 postures and Snake Fist 83 postures

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