In joining Pensacola Kung Fu & Tai Chi and electing to study both Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi simultaneously under Master Warren, I have discovered a deeper understanding of martial arts overall. — Dennis

…Now, with Master Warren’s guidance, I am taking a real journey to inner and outer health. The esthetic is very calm and healing, and the training is expert.” ~ Max

“From your very first class, you are taught the importance of relaxation and freeing the mind from thoughts of everyday life. The hustle of the outside world melts away as your focus settles into the mindful awareness of Shaolin Kung Fu practices.”  – Justin

“..The owners and students are very patient working with my son; its a loving, kind environment, you are encouraged and welcome into their kungfu family…”- Viola

“You’ve come to the right place” – Carmel

“The more in-tune I am with my body and start to understand the flow of my body, I’m calmer.” – Mark

“7 year old eager to attend” – Marcia

“Shaolin became a state of mind, providing the both of us with not only a confidence boost but also the tools to better maintain focus under pressure.” – Bree and Chris

“After trying Tai Chi at three different locations and not being satisfied as I was not getting the feeling I was looking for, I found my place at Pensacola Tai Chi and Kung Fu.” – Art

“The study of Tai Chi has helped me maintain an active life style with my grandchildren three days a week for the last five years.”  – MerryLynn

“One finds herself/himself in a family of helpful people working on their arts for health and fitness while learning valuable skills in Kung Fu and Tai Chi” – Sheila

“Learning Shaolin-Do Kung Fu is challenging yet so rewarding.” – Marni

“More Than Self Defense” – Dave


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