Before deciding to try Kung Fu, our son played some team sports. While everything went fine, it just didn’t seem to be his thing. He was punched in the face, and was booed by some kids if he missed the ball. It didn’t help that starting soccer at age 5, he seemed like he was already behind. I signed him up for sports to build confidence, but this seemed like it was doing the opposite. 
At Pensacola Kung Fu and Tai Chi, our child gets to work at his own pace. He really enjoys learning and mastering the moves in such a fun, positive, learning environment. He is building so much confidence, and is about to test for his yellow belt!

I want to mention that we joined Master Warrens team shortly before the Corona Virus came to town. In such uncertain times, Master Warren and his beautiful wife Marion were there to not only school us in the history and art of Kung Fu, but they provided stability and encouragement for our son and family unit during the quarantine. They really care about their students! In short notice they quickly figured out how to do online lessons, and kept us active and connected. We are so grateful to be a part of this group!” — Millie