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What will I learn?

In your first class we will start with a comprehensive warm-up set for conditioning and stretching. You will learn traditional Kung Fu stances and the proper method for executing basic punches and kicks. You will get a good overall strength and aerobic workout and learn some simple and effective fighting combinations and self-defense techniques.

Core Kung Fu curriculum: (more details)

Shaolin Short Forms: A series of movements which develop agility and endurance and include various fighting techniques.

Chin Na: Techniques from the ancient Chinese art of holds, grabs, joint locks, and releases.

Street defense techniques: Two person drills using quick strikes to vulnerable body parts against common street attacks.

Animal forms: Fighting techniques based on the movements and behaviors of animals such as Tiger, Dragon, Praying Mantis, Monkey, and Crane.

Weapon forms: Some of the weapons used are the Staff, Spear, Broadsword, 3-section Staff, Chain Whip and Kwan Tao.

Freestyle sparring: emphasis is placed on safety and avoiding injury.