– for Ages 7 and Up

Kids Kung Fu – Our philosophy on teaching kids…

“Watch Your Child Grow and Thrive with Our Kung Fu Classes for Kids! In a Safe and Supportive Environment, Your Child Will Learn Valuable Skills Such as Mental Focus, Inner Discipline, and Self-Confidence, Setting Them Up for Success in All Areas of Life.”

At Pensacola Kung Fu and Tai Chi, our child gets to work at his own pace. He really enjoys learning and mastering the moves in such a fun, positive, learning environment. He is building so much confidence. — Millie
Practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving!

They Develop:
– Perseverance
– Self-Confidence
– Fitness
– Coordination
– Respect for themselves and others
– Self-Defense skills
Master Warren has helped our son gain confidence as well as respect for others….He provides the necessary tools for success and encourages parents to help and work with their children to enrich their family lives. — Keith

Parents often tell us…

We often hear parents tell us that our Kids Kung Fu program is the only thing their child has ever “stuck with”. They often say that organized sports or other activities never held the child’s interest for very long. However, these same kids end up spending years with us and reinvent themselves as highly skilled, highly confident, people that never says “can’t” or allows them self to quit something important.

I enrolled my daughter in this school to learn self defense and for her to grow as a person. I wanted her to try Shaolin Kung Fu to learn a skill that is different and unique. Master Warren has been incredible and brought out the confidence and self esteem in my daughter that she needed. We also feel a sense of fellowship and community being in this class, which has gotten her out of her shell and honed her social skills. I would highly recommend this course for your child. — Zach
My son is seven and a half years old, I’ve always wanted to find a Kung Fu master to teach Alexander martial arts. My husband gave me the phone number to contact Master Warren at Pensacola Kung Fu & Tai Chi. Alexander has been studying this course for a month now and he is really enjoying learning Kung Fu more and more each class. I am very grateful to Master Warren for having such patient instruction and professional skill in teaching! — Baoying