KUNG FU Builds Health & Confidence

Master the Art of Shaolin Kung Fu with Our Adult Classes! Learn Traditional Forms, Weapons, and Self Defense Techniques to Build Confidence and Empowerment in Every Aspect of Your Life.

This school not only helped me achieve my target goals, it also opened my world and gave me something like a family. — Eric 
We couldn’t imagine a better experience for our son Declan. Master Warren is an outstanding Sifu who goes above and beyond for his students to help mold and balance responsibility into their lives inside and out of the classroom.” – Nina  
I come from a karate background but always wanted to do Chinese martial arts so I really enjoyed the different style with it’s flow and the animal forms.” — Jacob
Shaolin became a state of mind, providing the both of us with not only a confidence boost but also the tools to better maintain focus under pressure. ~Bree and Chris
Master Warren helps you see how each of the pieces tie together. Through the class you learn to appreciate the Kung Fu journey, rather than being focused solely on the destination. ~Noah
Master Warren focuses on total body awareness, wellness and really makes you think about what you see vs. what you do.  ~ Christine

Practicing ADULT KUNG FU results in improved flexibility, mental focus and memory, and a chance to meet great people sharing the common goal of learning adult kung fu as an ancient art form, a fighting system and a means to meet your potential in all areas of life. To be a master of kung fu means to be a master of oneself.

From my experience, a very good school led by a very knowledgeable and patient Master. Even at the lower levels, the level of knowledge and practical application to self defense far surpassed my expectations.” — Joseph