“I checked reviews and history of the businesses offering options for Tai Chi instruction available in the Pensacola area. I am very pleased with both my selection and admission into this school as well as Master Warren’s instruction.

Master Warren personally interviews each applicant prior to admission. Each student’s health and success in meeting goals are important to him and vital to appropriate class placement. After my interview (with hopes of entering a specific class), Master Warren suggested a different class for me. I am so thankful for his knowledgeable experience. After a few weeks of participation, results exceeded my original expectations. My core has strengthened, balance and overall well-being improved. A bonus is the fact that I’m meeting like-minded people and forming a new circle in friendships.

The facility is clean; Covid guidelines are in place; and while inside, students are protected and respected. Master Warren provides a safe atmosphere of learning and growing individually and collectively.
I am well pleased.” — Rhonda