“I’ve been a student of Tai Chi for several months. As a business owner, wife and mother of teenagers with a Type A personality, I was searching for balance and a deeper understanding of mindfulness. Not only because I wanted to, I needed to find a way to channel the stress in my life. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Master Warren has lengthy and in-depth experience and he also has an incredible gift of connecting with each student. For me, he knows when I’m in my head or when I walk in a little stressed. He coaches and teaches from where I am which is a unique gift. Not to mention he adds an element of levity which is always fun. I learn so much about myself in each class yet walk away feeling relaxed and focused. This has become a life changing experience for me that bleeds into my family, marriage and business. I think about the lessons and the movements during my day. I listen to my body more and stay in my head less. It’s a beautiful thing!” — Kristine