“The other reviews for these classes are not a group of zealots “drinking the Kool-Aid.” It’s actually accurate.

I am skeptical by nature and inquisitive to a fault. My deep-dive into Shaolin Kung-Fu only made me more skeptical. How could this type of exercise actually provide vitality and flexibility? Are people not born with a certain set of physical limits? As a Masters in Government student I could not help but ask old debate line — “Where’s the beef?”

I can say I’m genuinely shocked. I’ve been studying for a few months at the school and I’m so much farther than where I was. I’ve learned to relax (in many different ways) and have become more balanced and controlled. I genuinely look forward to every time I can visit, and I get upset when I can’t.

It can sound hokey on the website, sure, but every time I think about what the site says I have to laugh to myself and say “If only you knew the truth before you began.” — Jarrod